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Rovers raising mental health awareness

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust have been promoting resources via their social media channels

20 May 2020

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Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Pupil Wellbeing Officer, Simon Wootton, has been hard at work this week, ensuring Rovers are supporting the Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, through Community Trust social media channels, resources have been sent out all around the Mental Health Foundation's #KindnessMatters theme.

As a nation, people are starting to talk more openly about mental health. The conversation has been backed by some well known individuals such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, J.K. Rowling, Ed Sheeran and Stephen Fry.

The improvement has been there for all to see, but there's still plenty of work to be done to ensure everyone hears and understands the message behind the campaign.

This week's Mental Health Awareness Week is another opportunity to put those conversations in the spotlight and further normalise discussions around mental health, just as people have done for physical health.

Simon is a dedicated staff member as Blackburn Rovers Community Trust's Pupil Wellbeing Officer and has said there are still complex challenges to the term 'mental health'.

"In my experience, one of the biggest challenges is that many people still don't fully appreciate that we all have mental health,” he said.

"Such has been the cruelty and stigma around the language of mental health disorders in the past, for some people the lines of discussion can become blurred and feel uncomfortable talking about it."

Mental health or emotional wellbeing is an ability to cope with the things that everyday life throws up and enabling everyone to achieve their full potential.

It can rise and fall just like physical health, depending on changes in personal circumstances or at different points in everyone's lives.

People are different and each person learns to deal with things in different ways, which makes the challenge of promoting positive mental health so enormous. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to offering support.

Prolonged periods of poor mental health can develop into a variety of clinically diagnosable mental health disorders. A staggering one in every four people will be affected by mental health problems every year in the UK.

Difficulties with mental health can affect anyone, at any time, and if people find it hard to reach out because they fear being judged negatively, the cycle can deepen to a point of personal crisis.

Simon has seen this week as a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and has related to his own experiences when getting these vital messages across.

"As someone who has struggled with my own mental health, I understand how vital it is to support the promotion of positive mental health across our local community,” he added.

"A mentally healthy community is a productive and creative community that we can all thrive in.

"Through our projects such as Premier League Inspires, and supported by our fantastic partners at Lancashire Mind, we can hopefully play a key role in promoting the agenda of mental health support across Blackburn and Darwen, especially for our young people and their families."

Continue to keep your eyes on BRFCTrust social media pages across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further help and awareness around mental health.

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