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Restrictions have provided period of reflection

The manager has been using the lockdown as a period for self-improvement and self-reflection

6 May 2020

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Rovers boss Tony Mowbray says he has been trying to take the positives from the lockdown period and use it to analyse how he operates as a manager.

The 56-year-old, who took his first steps into football management 16 years ago this month, has been listening to experts from various fields, in order to supplement his own leadership skills, whilst also scrutinising his training schedules with his staff.

“I sat today listening to an American General, who had 150,000 troops under his command in Afghanistan over the last decade, talking about leadership,” said the Rovers manager.

“When I do take an hour or two away from the garden with the kids, I study and watch football.

“I try and self-improve. I’ve been listening to lots and lots of podcasts. I just think it’s an opportunity for football people to self-improve.

“It’s been very self-reflective for me. I’ve had some great meetings with my immediate coaching staff about things that we need to improve on.

“Just your timetables of the week and how the week flows, because what you don’t realise when you’re at work, you just work and do your job.

“I turn up, I have my breakfast, I prepare training, I talk to my coaches, I’ll see who’s going to work with the individual players after training, you plan the week and that’s all you do.

“Whereas this is giving you the time to look at the processes you go through and are you giving enough time to the coaches to talk to the players about different situations?

“So there’s been benefits of this, but it’s just the timescale at the other end of when are we getting back.”

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