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'Come together with that community spirit'

Elliott Bennett has been helping out his local Foodbank this week, and says now's the time to be there to support each other

25 March 2020

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Elliott Bennett has been offering a helping hand to one of his local charities, and hopes plenty of other across the country can follow suit.

Shropshire-based Bennett has been helping out at his local Foodbank this week in what's been a truly testing time for the whole of the United Kingdom in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The skipper is enjoying spending time with his family, but was also keen to do some good for his hometown of Telford, as the 31-year-old explains.

“In my local area, me and a few of my friends have been helping out the Telford Foodbank," he told iFollow Rovers via a video link.

"It's a charity I've helped out before and they were telling me that they've had to provide 150 food parcels in the space of three days due to the schools closing.

“I thought that the shops were manic anyway, so me and a few of the lads felt that we'd do our local shop at 6am and get whatever we could for the charity.

“The organisation came back to me with a list of things that would really help them out, so me and my wife loaded up the car and dropped everything off.

“They were fully appreciative of it, but it's just a small thing really.

“It's hard enough for people to shop right now with the amount of food that is going and the queues, but there are people who aren't in as fortunate a position as I am, so it was nice to help out.

“It went down well with the charity, and Craig Conway messaged me to say he was going to do it at his local Foodbank," he revealed.

“If one person, like Craig, can go and help out his local Foodbank, then hopefully there will be lots of people that benefit.

“The shops are crazy at the moment. There are vulnerable people out there who need support. In these situations, the extraordinary times, everybody needs to come together with that community spirit.

“If everyone comes together then hopefully we'll come out the other side much stronger.”

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