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#AskLenihan - Part 1

Rovers defender Darragh Lenihan takes part in a Q&A with supporters via video link

11 April 2020

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We asked supporters to send in questions for Darragh Lenihan on social media, which we put to the Rovers defender via video link.

Here is Part 1 of his answers …

Jimmy: Best striker you’ve played against … domestically and internationally?

Darragh: The first person that comes to my head, playing against domestically, is probably Teemu Pukki. I think we lost 1-0 (to Norwich) last year at Ewood and he didn’t really do much all game, but he got the winner late on, after the 80th minute, and then when we played them at their place, I potentially could have got sent off! I think I was last man and I fouled him, but his movement and his finishing, I don’t know how many goals he ended up with last year, but I thought he was very good. In terms of internationally, that’s a hard questions because I’ve only played against the USA and Northern Ireland, and growing up I was mainly a centre-mid, so it’s hard for me to answer that question.


Mollie: What’s been your best moment at Rovers so far?

Darragh: I think there’s only one moment. That night at Doncaster when we got promoted was a brilliant moment. After the disappointment of the previous year, to bounce back straight afterwards was a proud moment for myself, for all the players and for my family. It was really good.


Matt: Is there a big difference between being captain and not being captain? If so, what makes it different?

Darragh: I think there is. There’s not a massive difference for me personally. You obviously have more responsibilities being captain, because you have to show more leadership qualities, but I feel that whether I’m captain or not, I try to show my leadership qualities anyway, to try to help the lads around me, through good and bad times.


Jack: What’s been your favourite game that you’ve played in?

Darragh: The one that springs to my mind is probably this year against Sheffield Wednesday. We beat them 5-0 and I managed to score a goal. We haven’t had many 5-0s since I’ve been here, so it was a great game to be involved in and for the away fans who came, you were fantastic that day. It was a great game for them.


Connor: Who’s the hardest worker at Rovers? Can be on and off the pitch.

Darragh: The hardest worker on and off the pitch, I’d probably say is Derrick Williams. He works ever so hard each and every day. He gets in very early, does all the right things, leaves late and if you follow him on Instagram, you’ll probably see all the 5k runs he’s been doing recently. So I’d say Derrick Williams is probably the hardest worker at the club.

BR215_Blackburn Rovers_v_Millwall.jpg

Michael: Who’s the best centre half you have played with at Rovers?

Darragh: That’s a difficult question. The centre halves I’ve played with have different qualities. You have the likes of Charlie Mulgrew, who I’ve played with many times, who was fantastic. A great leader, you saw the amount of goals he scored for us and he was really good for me, trying to develop my game. Then you have Derrick Williams, who, as I said, works so hard, puts everything on the line for himself and the team. And then you have Tosin (Adarabioyo), who has quality that I haven’t seen in anyone else to be fair. How he plays through the lines. I think he can have a great future, potentially for Manchester City, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Talk of Ewood: Who’s the toughest opposition you’ve faced this season in the league and why?

Darragh: This season, West Brom. We got off to a great start, scoring a goal, but then after that the game just turned on its head. For those 25-30 minutes in the first half, that was the most difficult time for us and I think most of the lads would agree with me. But bearing in mind how we responded in the second half, we pined them back and we were unlucky not to get a goal, but West Brom are a very good team.


Jay: What do you see yourself doing after you’ve retired?

Darragh: At the moment I’m doing a Sports Science degree, so whether I do something to do with that or coaching, I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’d like to be in the football environment definitely.


Ben: What’s your favourite goal you’ve scored for Rovers?

Darragh: My favourite goal I think it must be the Leeds goal at home when we beat them 2-1. Obviously you billed Leeds last season as a running machine, as the gaffer called them, so we knew going into the game that it was going to be one of the toughest games of the season and when that goal went in, to score the winner against them, it was a great moment.


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