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Ryan Shorrock

Role: Performance Analyst
Experience: I have previously worked at Morecambe FC as a performance analyst with their youth team before moving to Blackburn in March 2015. I have worked within coaching at various levels since university 10 years ago. I currently work as a Manager within a company that provides Sports Coaching provision to schools across the North West. 
Qualifications: I have a BSc Hons in Sports Coaching and Performance Development and a variety of coaching qualifications across a broad range of sports. 
About me: My role at the club is to oversee the analysis for each of the girls teams from the RTC through to the First Team. I have recently been made an Ambassador for some professional analysis software that we hope can benefit the club by offering the same products and feedback as full-time professional teams. I will look to support the coaches by offering alternative tools for feedback within their coaching sessions to ensure the players gain a full and thorough understanding of each topic.