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Welcome to the Blackburn Rovers Regional Talent Club

Welcome to Blackburn Rovers Regional Talent Club for girls, an integral component of the FA's talented player pathway for 8 to 16 year olds. As an FA licensed centre we adopt the FA's aim.

To identify players of outstanding ability and provide them with a technical and educational programme designed to produce football excellence in conjunction with personal development.

To meet the FA's aims, Blackburn Rovers Girls' Regional Talent Club will:

  1. Create and implement a comprehensive and effective training program
  2. Develop and maintain a high quality workforce
  3. Provide a high quality competition program linking in to National Squads
  4. Develop and create an innovative Sports Science Support Team
  5. Create strong partnerships and structures to effectively talent ID the best players in Lancs.
  6. Raise the profile of the Centre at a local, regional and national level

In order to achieve our aims and objectives we have a philosophy to create a stimulating learning environment where all players and coaches support a set of shared principles that help players and teams to achieve their potential.

  • We strive for high quality in our play.
  • We maintain a positive and driven attitude towards training and match play, at all times.

The mission of the coaching programme is to provide an inspirational learning environment that is conductive to maximising individual player potential. Ultimately preparing as many players as possible for the national and international arenas.

'Endeavour to push boundaries and populate dreams'

The coaching programme is designed to develop all-round players, focussing on the individual and team needs. It is therefore not result-driven. Sessions encourage players to play, to learn and to make good decisions. We are not creating robots but developing:

Well-rounded players who are technically proficient and intelligent, able to think clearly and creatively so they can problem solve and make effective decisions.

For further information on the RTC please visit the sections below...