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Academy Philosophy

At Blackburn Rovers Academy our philosophy is devised on the fundamentals of the clubs philosophy and core values. Academy teams will understand our motto "Arte et Labore" and this will be the focal point of everything we do and everything we stand for.
Our philosophy will differ within each phase to enable all Academy players to develop and progress through our system to reach their full potential. All our teams will demonstrate varying levels and abilities to:
  • Play out from the back
  • Play through the thirds
  • Creative and inventive in the final 3rd
  • Create goal scoring opportunities from wide areas
  • Counter attack
  • Press from the front with a high tempo
  • Defend as individuals, units and as a team
  • Defend counter attacks
  • Work hard and show the right attitude to everything we do
Foundation Phase Philosophy:
  • Develop a basic understanding of Attacking & Defending
  • Learn to "Love the Game" - stay in love
  • High levels of technical repetition work
  • Players to enjoy playing in the positive environment created
Youth Development Phase Philosophy:
  • Understand attacking/defending/transition principles
  • Develop both technical & tactical aspects of the game
  • Understand roles and responsibilities
  • Be competitive
  • Players take ownership of their own development/become more independent thinkers of the game
Professional Development Phase:
  • Winning & professional mentality
  • Understand various systems/styles of play/formations/Roles and responsibilities within these
  • Understand the requirements of being a First Team Player
  • Understand the principles of our attacking, defending and transitional play within varying systems
  • Players will self reflect and take ownership of their own development