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McDonald’s Milestone…

The defender is about to join the 100 Club

26 September 2019

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We sat down with Kayleigh McDonald ahead of her centurion appearance for the club...

Q) Your next game for Rovers will be your 100th. How does it feel to be about to reach that landmark?

“It feels amazing and it’s flew by. It only feels like yesterday that I was signing for the team. I’m looking forward to it especially with it being at home at Bamber Bridge as well. I can’t wait.”

Q) Why has the team been so successful during your time here?

“It’s the togetherness that we’ve got. We’re one big family, everyone does want to work for each other, especially where we have been the last three years.”

Q) You won trophies at the end of every season you’ve played. How did it feel to win those?

“It’s like a dream come true for me. I was playing for other clubs feeling like I’d never get to where I am now so it feels amazing especially this year being promoted. And I couldn’t ask for a better team to do it with.”

Q) You’ve been a mainstay in the back line ever since you came here. How proud are you to have played such a big part in the success?

“I’ve got to thank Gemma for believing in me and all my teammates who helped me to become a better player. I think I’ll be here till I’m about 50 with this team! I love it.”

Q) Having lost the first two play offs, what made the difference to finally get promotion at the end of last season?

“It was all the heartbreak we went through to be honest. I don’t know about everyone else but I was sick of sobbing, I cried every time. We knew this year we had to do it and pull through together, even with the Championship Play Off. We couldn’t go through the National League again; it was long enough.”

Q) How different has it been playing in the Championship? And how are you enjoying the challenge?

“Everything has changed. We’re training a lot more so that’s taking its toll and we are against better opponents. We did expect that coming into this league but I wouldn’t say we don’t fit in. We are ready to be in this league so now we just need to start getting a few points on the table.”

Q) It's Charlton at home on Sunday. How big a test will that be and how important is it to get points on the board?

“That is the main thing. We can’t be going another week with no points on the board. It’s affecting us all. We need to just pull through this week and get the points on the table. And then we can start showing teams that we are in this division to compete.”

Q) What can this team achieve this season?

“Everyone I’m sure would want to get promoted but I don’t expect that to happen this year. I would like us to finish mid-table and then build on it next year.”

Q) What are your career targets?

“One day I would love to take this team to where it needs to be, with the backing of the club, the staff that work here and the team that works hard all the time, it should be in the top division. If we could do it, then that’d be good.”

 Q) If you had to pick a 5-a-side team of players you’ve played with at Rovers, who would be in it?

“I’d love to be part of it, I’d be a striker. Obviously I’d have my best mate Saffron (Jordan). Saffron’s a keeper, she’s done her fair share of keeping so I’ll be striker and she can go in goal! Lynda (Shepherd) because I miss her screaming on the pitch and Tash Flint, I’d have her in there. I’d have little Tooney as well.”

Watch Kayleigh and the rest of the team in action this Sunday, as Rovers welcome Charlton Athletic to Bamber Bridge, (2pm). Click here to buy tickets! 

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