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Football Origins with Lewis Travis

The youngster is next in line for our new feature

23 October 2019

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Lewis Travis is next in line to step up to the plate in our new 'Football Origins' feature...

We sat down with the midfielder to discuss his career so far, his firsts, his favourites and much more.

This piece was in the matchday programme against Huddersfield Town.

First Football Memory

I think it would be playing knock-outs outside on the road with the goal from the back garden put out onto the street, with my older brother and my cousins.

Team You Supported Growing Up

Manchester United. My mum and my dad always supported them, so it was brought into the family.

First Game You Attended

It was a Champions League game. I didn’t really go to many when I was younger, but I remember going to watch Man U versus Barcelona when Paul Scholes scored from outside the box with a half-volley!

First Football Shirt Owned

I think it might have been an England World Cup one. My grandad bought it for me and brought it home from Spain.

First Pair Of Football Boots

I think they were red and white Nike T90s, like Wayne Rooney used to wear!

Favourite Player

I think because I supported Man United, I always liked to watch Wayne Rooney. I’ve also idolised other players such as Steven Gerrard, to model my game on.

First Junior Team

Bleak Hill Rovers. They were my local team. We had a good set of lads to be fair and a couple went on to play for Academy teams.

Age You Were Scouted

I think it was either Under-9s or 10s. I think we were playing in a tournament and I got scouted for Liverpool and was invited to their summer camps. It was a great moment. I was always told just to go there and have fun, but also show what you’ve got and at the end of one of the summer camps, one of the coaches pulled me to one side and asked if I’d like to come in on trial, so I was delighted with that.

Professional Debut

My first league start and first full 90 minutes I got was against Sheffield United last December. It was a great day for me. We didn’t get the result we wanted, but I think we played well as a team.

Best Memory in Football

So far, I think it would be my second full 90 minutes against West Brom, when I was named Man of the Match and we won the game 2-1. It’s a great memory for me.

Best Advice Ever Received

I think it would have come from my dad and my grandad. They always told me to do more than everybody else, because if you’re doing more than everybody else then it’s going to make you better than them.

Advice For Young Players

I think I would pass that information on. Obviously everybody in your team is your friend, but if you want to succeed, you have to do more than them. So you have to work hard before and after sessions.

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