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A to Z: Derrick Williams

The Rovers defender takes on our new feature interview...

21 September 2018

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This season, we're introducing a new feature, bringing Rovers fans that bit closer to members of the current first-team squad.

The idea is simple: 26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet, with subjects ranging from the players' favourite holiday destinations to the strangest things they've ever seen.
Next in the hot seat for A-Z is Derrick Williams, who covers everything from dinosaurs and pigeons to sleep walking and Call of Duty!

A – AWAY - What’s your favourite away ground that you've played at?

It would probably be Newcastle. Just because of the size of the ground. They packed it out as well because they were on a good run but we went there and stopped it. Justice!

B – BANTER – Who's got the best banter in the squad?

I’d have to say Charlie or Dacky. Charlie is more banter, he’s funny. As for Dacky, he’s just stupid and does stupid things!

C – CLUB – What football team do you support?

I’m a Celtic fan. When I was in Ireland a lot of my friends supported them and eventually it got to me. 

D – DINING – What would be your last three-course meal?

To start I’d have spring rolls, for main would be fish and chips and dessert would have to be chocolate brownie with ice cream. I’m easily pleased.

E – EVENINGS – A quiet night in or a night out with the lads? Why?

It’s got to be a night out with the lads. Just because I’m a lad.

F – FOREIGN – What's your favourite holiday destination and why?

Los Angeles. It’s a nice place and everything about it is unbelievable. I highly recommend it.

G – GAME – What's been your favourite game you've ever played in?

That would have to be my debut for the Republic of Ireland against France in Paris. Playing against some of the best players was unbelievable and they ended up going on to win the World Cup as well.

H – HOBBIES – What do you like to get up to away from football?

I enjoy a bit of golf. My handicap is 18, which is pretty average. I enjoy properties, going to the cinema and watching YouTube. I’m trying to plan outside the game and I see property as maybe the long-term plan. 

I – IDOL – Who was your favourite footballer as a youngster and why?

Zinedine Zidane. I went to see him live when he was at Real Madrid and he was unbelievable. His touches and passing were superb. 

J – JOBS – Have you had any other jobs aside from playing football?

I had a two-day job working for my uncle. He’s a lawyer so I did admin work. It was the worst two days ever. I was about 14 at the time and he had me doing all the paper work, which wasn’t too enjoyable!

K – KID – What were you like as a young boy?

I was a nightmare. I got in trouble quite a bit, a naughty kid. When I tried I could do well but I never really did. I wish I did try looking back! 

L – LOATH – What annoys you the most and why? 

I like being organised and having things in the right places, so it annoys me when people move things around. My missus always moves my phone charger and that does my head in. 

M – MUSIC – What sort of music are you into and what's your favourite ever tune? 

I like hip-hop, RnB, dance. I like a bit of everything. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite tune but I did Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana for an initiation song a while back and that went down well. 

N – NICKNAME – What's the best nickname you've come across in your footballing career?

It would probably be a player we nicknamed Bill. His real name is Luke Ayling, who is currently at Leeds. We called him Bill because he has a stutter and kept going round calling everyone else Bill. That just caught on so everyone calls him Bill now! I’ve not killed him off here, have I?!

O – OPTIMISM – What would you like to achieve in your career?

To play games in the Premier League and to get further caps for my country.

P – PETS – Do you have any pets?

I do, I have a French Bulldog called Hugo. He’s three. 

Q – QUALITY – Who's the best player you've ever played with or against and why? 

Kylian Mbappe is the best I have played against. Played with would probably be Robbie Keane at Aston Villa. 

R – RAPID – Who's the quickest player you've played with or against?

Again, Mbappe would be the quickest I have played against. Played with? Probably Gabby Agbonlahor.

S – STRANGE – What's the strangest thing you've seen in your life?

It’s hard to think of one. I would say Dacky walking around pretending to be a dinosaur, but that’s normal for him. Go with Dacky when he plays pool. That’s strange at times. He’s terrible, so it’s strange when he actually wins. 

T – TELEVISION – What do you like to watch on the TV and why?

Sons of Anarchy, Entourage, Suits, Game of Thrones, Shark Tank. I love a good series. 

U – UNKNOWN – Tell us something that people don't know about you. 

I sleep walk and sleep talk. It’s a bit of a nightmare. There are times when I wake up the next day after going to sleep and my legs are completely knackered. I look around my room and my things have been moved. The bed would be over the other side of the room, the drawers will be somewhere else. I have no recollection of doing it and I now room by myself for away games! 

V – VIDEO GAMES – Do you own a games console and how often do you play it?

I have a Playstation 4. I play it for about three or four weeks when the new Call of Duty comes out but that’s about it. 

W – WORLD – Where would you most like to visit in your life?

Hong Kong, somewhere like that.

X – XYLOPHONE – Can you play any musical instruments?

I had a go when I was younger at the guitar and the drums, but I was pretty average. I’d maybe look at getting better at playing the guitar again at some point.

Y – YIKES – Do you have a fear of anything?

Yes, I hate pigeons! It’s almost a fear. Ever since I was young, whether they are flying or walking, I hate them. Just keep them away from me! 

Z – ZODIAC – What's your star sign? 


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