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A to Z: David Raya

The Spanish stopper is the latest Rover in the hotseat to tell all!

12 October 2018

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David Raya is the latest Rover to feature as he sits down to discuss supporting a rival, jewellery wars and much more!

A – AWAY -What is your favourite away ground that you've played at?

Ground-wise it would be St James Park in Newcastle. Game-wise it would be Pride Park as that was where I had one of my best performances during my time with Southport in the FA Cup.

B – BANTER – Who's got the best banter in the squad?

We have a lot of banter in our squad. I think everybody has their own. We’ve some big characters. Dacky, Danny, Craig Conway, the skipper, Benno, we all give it out a bit.

C – CLUB – What football team do you support?

Even though I’m from Barcelona I have to admit that I’m a Real Madrid supporter. My dad and two brothers support Madrid, and as the youngest I couldn’t support Barcelona!

D – DINING – What would be your last three-course meal?

Probably some tapas for starter. Spanish ham and morcilla, which is black pudding. For the main it would be a really good medium rare steak with fries. I’d finish with sticky toffee pudding.

E – EVENINGS – A quiet night in or a night out with the lads? Why?

I like to stay in and also go out with the lads, which isn’t too often. I’d go with a night out with the lads.

F – FOREIGN – What's your favourite holiday destination and why?

Las Vegas with the lads in the summer. It was a great holiday.

G – GAME – What's been your favourite football game you've ever played in?

It would be playing for Southport against Derby at Pride Park a few years ago. My favourite Rovers one would be my first game away at Leeds. We won 3-0.

H – HOBBIES – What do you like to get up to away from football?

I like chilling at home, playing on my computer, going out and doing a bit of shopping and a meal. That’s mainly what I do when I get away from training.

I – IDOL – Who was your favourite footballer as a youngster and why?

Iker Casillas. I’ve looked up to him ever since I was a kid. He won the Champions League when he was 17 I think and had a fantastic career. He still is my idol to be honest and he is still doing well at Porto.

J – JOBS – Have you had any other jobs aside from playing football?

No, I came here when I was 16 so I never got the chance. Being a footballer is my dream job but if I wasn’t doing that then I would probably be part of my family’s jewellery business. My mum, dad, brothers, aunts and uncles are all involved so I’d have probably joined them.

K – KID – What were you like as a young boy?

I have asked my mum that question a few times and she said I wasn’t too naughty when I was a little kid. Growing up I always passed the tests, just doing enough to get through. I think I was pretty normal as a youngster.

L – LOATH – What annoys you the most and why?

I’m not sure, but one that sticks out is my mum in my ear all the time whenever I go home. Another thing that irritates me is putting petrol in my car. I hate doing that. You have to do it but I hate it, standing doing nothing. It takes so long and it’s expensive as well.

M – MUSIC – What sort of music are you into and what's your favourite ever tune?

I listen to every type of music. I like RnB, hip-hop, Spanish music, rock. At the moment I’m into reggaeton. My favourite song is a Spanish one, which nobody would have heard of!

N – NICKNAME – What's the best nickname you've come across in your footballing career?

There aren’t too many to be honest. I’ll go with Bull, which is Craig Conway’s nickname. He got the name at Cardiff. I’ve no real idea why he is called it though.

O – OPTIMISM – What would you like to achieve in your career?

To play at the highest level I can. To always enjoy my football. The main one is to hopefully represent my country as well. You never know what will happen but I’d love to play for Spain. That would be a dream come true.

P – PETS – Do you have any pets?

I have a pet back in Spain. An English bull terrier called Kate. She’s about eight-years-old now.

Q – QUALITY – Who's the best player you've ever played with or against and why?

Jordi Gomez is the best I have played with. His left foot was incredible. He was a very clever player. The best I have played against is hard to say for a goalkeeper. I remember playing against Joe Cole in a reserve game. He was at West Ham and was really good.

R – RAPID – Who's the quickest player you've played with or against?

I have played with and against Adama Traore. I played with him in the Catalan national under-16 team and against him when he was at Aston Villa. He’s one of the quickest players I have ever seen.

S – STRANGE – What's the strangest thing you've seen in your life?

It involves Dacky. I have a video on my old phone of him attempting to do 60 press ups in only pants, but he was wearing the pants as a thong. He only reached about 35 press ups in the end as well!

T – TELEVISION – What do you like to watch on the TV and why?

At the moment me and my missus are watching Queen of the South, which is about cartels in Mexico. We have just finished the Walking Dead which I thought was really good. I like watching films all the time.

U – UNKNOWN – Tell us something that people don't know about you.

My brothers are both jewellers who have two rival companies. There’s a battle there, does that count? I can speak three languages - Spanish, English and Catalan… I like racing cars... I used to own a snake… is that enough?!

V – VIDEO GAMES – Do you own a games console and if so how often do you play it?

I’m a proper gamer. I have a full set up on my computer and play any sort of genre. I’ll play survival games, sporting games, Fortnite. I’m pretty full on!

W – WORLD – Where would you most like to visit in your life?

I’d say somewhere like Japan. It’s a country that really attracts me. I’d also like to visit Australia in the Christmas time as it’s summer there. Christmas on the beach will be a nice change rather than being stuck in England when it’s -10!

X – XYLOPHONE – Can you play any musical instruments?

No, I was useless at school, but I’d like to play the guitar. I’d never be good enough and I know I’d just give up.

Y – YIKES – Do you have a fear of anything?

I hate spiders, but it’s not a real fear. Go for spiders for this one.

Z – ZODIAC – What's your star sign?

I think I’m a Virgo. September 16th, that’s Virgo, right?

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