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A to Z: Adam Armstrong

It's Arma's turn to take on our feature interview!

1 October 2018

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This season, we've introduced a new feature, bringing Rovers fans that bit closer to members of the current first-team squad.

The idea is simple: 26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet, with subjects ranging from the players' favourite holiday destinations to the strangest things they've ever seen.

Next up in A-Z is Adam Armstrong, who discusses potato wedges, Ben Brereton’s smile, being a musical genius and much more! 

A – AWAY - What is your favourite away ground that you've played at?

There are a couple. I’d go with either the Emirates Stadium or Old Trafford during my time at Newcastle. The Emirates probably just gets the vote.           

B – BANTER – Who's got the best banter in the squad?

There are a few here. A lot say Dacky with his stupid banter. I get jokes off Reedy, Ben [Brereton], DG, Richie, Charlie, Benno. We have a funny squad. The standout one is probably Dacky. He brings us all together. 

C – CLUB – What football team do you support?

Newcastle. I’ve followed them since I was a young lad and came through the youth teams there. I still look out for their results. 

D – DINING – What would be your last three-course meal?

I’d have some potato wedges for starters with BBQ and mayonnaise dips. The main course would have to be a large Big Mac, chips and 20 chicken nuggets. For dessert I’m going to go with a caramel cheesecake.

E – EVENINGS – A quiet night in or a night out with the lads? Why?

I’m not much of a party lad but it would still have to be a night out with all the lads.

F – FOREIGN – What's your favourite holiday destination and why? 

Las Vegas with the lads was a good one. I have been to Cancun in Mexico and that was brilliant as well. 

G – GAME – What's been your favourite football game you've ever played in?

That’s a tough one. It would probably be one of my first starts for Newcastle. We beat Crystal Palace 3-2 and I got assist for the winner. That one stands out.

H – HOBBIES – What do you like to get up to away from football? 

I like golf and I play a lot of Fortnite on my PS4 with the lads. We have a good group on there but unlike Chappy [Harry Chapman] I don’t live stream myself. I’m not that busy! 

I – IDOL – Who was your favourite footballer as a youngster and why?

The obvious one is Alan Shearer. However the other one I based my game on was Wayne Rooney. I’ve loved watching him play since I was little. 

J – JOBS – Have you had any other jobs aside from playing football? 

No, I went straight into football as a scholar. I left school in Year 10 and went straight in. If I wasn’t a footballer I’d be lost!

K – KID – What were you like as a young boy?

In school? I was alright. I would get carried away but I wouldn’t say I was too naughty.

L – LOATH – What annoys you the most and why?

Bad mattresses. When I go to hotels it really has an impact your back. I hate them! 

M – MUSIC – What sort of music are you into and what's your favourite ever tune? 

The standard RnB and chart music does it for me. My favourite tune of all time? There are so many. It would probably be Chris Brown - With You. I’ve done that for initiations and boy can I hit those high notes! 

N – NICKNAME – What's the best nickname you've come across in your footballing career?

There’s not been too many memorable ones. The one that does spring to mind is a lad at Barnsley we called Chunk. I have no idea what his real name was, he was a young kid and called Chunk because he was small and fat! 

O – OPTIMISM – What would you like to achieve in your career?

Reach the highest level. Play in the Premier League, the Champions League and on the full international stage. 

P – PETS – Do you have any pets?

I have a French Bulldog called Reggie. He’s two and I’ve had him all his life.

Q – QUALITY – Who's the best player you've ever played with or against and why?

Hatem Ben Arfa is the best player I have played with. He was absolute quality at Newcastle. Best against? I’d say either Wayne Rooney or Sergio Aguero. 

R – RAPID – Who's the quickest player you've played with or against?

The quickest I have played with is DeAndre Yedlin at Newcastle. He is rapid. Against would be Adama Traore who is now at Wolves. He is like Usain Bolt.

S – STRANGE – What's the strangest thing you've seen in your life?

That’s a tough one. What did the other lads say? I saw Ryan Nyambe’s answer and I wouldn’t say that was too strange. I’ve seen some bad things over the years. I’d say Ben Brereton’s horrendous smile. Get him to do it for a photo and get it out there for the fans to see!

T – TELEVISION – What do you like to watch on the TV and why?

I’m into Power at the moment, but I’m also a fan of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. A quiet night in with Big Brother and a cup of tea is a bit of me!

U – UNKNOWN – Tell us something that people don't know about you.

It’s all on Wikipedia these days, isn’t it? My mam is a better golfer than my dad? That’s not really about me though. Here’s one for you… I used to play the cello from year four to year six and I was very good at it! 

V – VIDEO GAMES – Do you own a games console and if so how often do you play it? 

I play the PS4 every night. It gets me relaxed. It’s only Fortnite I play to be honest.

W – WORLD – Where would you most like to visit in your life?

I travel quite a lot. I’d like to go to Australia or somewhere in America that I’ve never been before like New York or Los Angeles. 

X – XYLOPHONE – Can you play any musical instruments?

Not really anymore since my cello days. I’d like to play the drums though. Give them a hit, see what happens and maybe make a tune out of something.

Y – YIKES – Do you have a fear of anything?

Snakes. (Ed: You said you wanted to go to Australia earlier on!) Yeah, but I’ll just have to hope I don’t see any there! Just thinking about them makes me sick. There’s no escape from them once they get you. 

Z – ZODIAC – What's your star sign?

Aquarius. I only know that because there was a question about star signs on the TV the other week and the missus told me what I was!

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