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A to Z: Kasey Palmer

Ben Brereton, look away now!

13 November 2018

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This season, we've introduced a new feature, bringing Rovers fans that bit closer to members of the current first-team squad.

The idea is simple: 26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet, with subjects ranging from the players' favourite holiday destinations to the strangest things they've ever seen.

Kasey Palmer steps up to the plate to talk being a family man, Coco Pops, tombstone teeth and much more in this edition’s A-Z!

A – AWAY – what’s your favourite away ground?

That would have to be Elland Road. I played there for Huddersfield and the atmosphere was amazing - probably because it was a bit of a derby game. 

B - BANTER – who’s the funniest in the dressing room? 

Definitely not Dominic Samuel! I’ll go with Dacky. He’s a bit of an idiot, but he does some funny stuff.

C – CLUB – which club did you support as a kid?

Liverpool. I don’t know why as nobody in my family supports them. I can’t even really be classed as a glory-hunter as they were struggling at the time. That league win is coming for them though, I can feel it! 

D – DINING – what would be your last three-course meal?

I’ll go for a little bit of bread and oil/balsamic vinegar for starter. A medium steak for main and something chocolatey for dessert.

E – EVENINGS - A quiet night in or a night out with the lads? Why?

The missus will read this. Fact! It depends though, as I’m a family man these days. I like a night out, but it depends on my mood. If not then it’s a quiet night in with the missus, once we've put the little one to sleep. 

F – FOREIGN – what’s your favourite holiday destination?

I’d say either Jamaica or Dubai. You know what you get with Dubai. The weather is guaranteed and it’s flooded with footballers, particularly with an international break coming up!

G – GAME - What's been your favourite football game you've ever played in?

It’s the play-off final at Wembley. The atmosphere, occasion and to win at Wembley was special and can’t be topped. Maybe we’ll have one later this season!

H - HOBBIES - What do you like to get up to away from football? 

I’m quite boring, to be honest. I spend a lot of time with my family. I can’t do golf, as I find it boring. Put down going down the park with my son. I’m a family man! 

I - IDOL  - Who was your favourite footballer as a youngster and why? 

Steven Gerrard. He was the main man and picked the club up through difficult games. Nowadays it’s Lionel Messi, for obvious reasons. 

J – JOBS -  Have you had any other jobs aside from playing football?

No, it’s only ever been football. I’d be a rapper if I wasn’t in football, maybe in a group. In a four-person band with the lads here I’d go with Ryan (Nyambe), Belly (Amari’i Bell) and Dom (Samuel). We’d be a mini UK Migos! 

K – KID -  what were you like as a youngster?

I was a good student, but I’d always be the one caught talking. I’d be at the back copying the kid next to me. I got five GCSEs and got the essentials. 

L - LOATH – what annoys you most and why?

Traffic is right up there. People eating is another one. Chewing and traffic, I can’t stand them. The gaps in between Ben Brereton’s teeth annoy me as well. They are like little tombstones! 

M – MUSIC - What sort of music are you into and what's your favourite-ever tune? 

Rap music. I’m into a fair bit to be fair. I did Mario 'Let Me Love You' for my initiation.

N - NICKNAME - What's the best nickname you've come across in your footballing career? 

Coco Pop Neck! That’s what we call Ben Brereton. He has a lot of moles on the back of his neck and a few of the lads have cottoned on. It’s definitely the best nickname.

O – OPTIMISM – what would you like to achieve in your career?

To win as many trophies as I can and to play in the Premier League.

P - PETS – do you have any pets?

I have a little French Bulldog called Quavo. I named him after one of the members of Migos (American rap group). He’s about eight months now and is part of the family. He’s my little boy’s best friend.

Q – QUALITY - Who's the best player you've ever played with or against and why?

It would have to be Eden Hazard. With those little glimpses of magic, he is unbelievable. He’s a great guy as well. 

R - RAPID - Who's the quickest player you've played with or against? 

It might be Arma (Adam Armstrong). He is so quick. I think he may be quicker than anyone at Chelsea. There is a lad called Ola Aina, who I played with at Chelsea, and he is pretty fast as well. 

S – STRANGE – what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

It might be Ben’s teeth. No, I can’t keep killing him! I genuinely can't think of anything strange. You've stumped me with this one! 

T - TELEVISION - What do you like to watch on the TV and why? 

Peppa Pig at the moment with my son. I don’t get much choice until he goes to sleep. Even after that it’s whatever the missus wants! 

U - UNKNOWN - Tell us something that people don't know about you.

I do charitable work with my mum, because she does a lot of stuff for the local community. So I sponsor certain events for less fortunate people in Catford, in south east London, and try to give back to the local community.

V - VIDEO GAMES - Do you own a games console and if so how often do you play it? 

I play FIFA. I’ve been putting the little one to bed earlier these days and getting on Pro Clubs. 

W - WORLD - Where would you most like to visit in your life?

The Maldives. It looks beautiful when I see photos on Instagram. But I want to save it for something special, like a honeymoon or a potential engagement place!

X – XYLOPHONE – can you play any musical instruments?

I can rap. I know that's not an instrument, but I play the microphone!

Y - YIKES – do you have any fears?

Yeah, the gaps in Ben’s teeth terrify me like mad!

Z - ZODIAC – what’s your star sign? 


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