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Steve Waggott Q&A: Part Two

Rovers' CEO discusses in detail the recent trip to India to meet the club's Owners

26 May 2018

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We caught up with Rovers’ CEO Steve Waggott following his recent visit to India to meet with the club's Owners.

Here, the Chief Executive talks about the Owners’ reflections on Rovers’ promotion-winning campaign, the importance of trust and the key role Tony Mowbray plays in the future of the football club.  

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What were the Owners thoughts and feelings about last season?

“They were absolutely delighted with what Tony (Mowbray) had done because I think there was an understanding that once you drop out of a league that it’s not too easy to get back.

“To be fair to them, they backed Tony with a very competitive squad and a good budget for League One.

“Tony delivered the goods, along with the players, so they were delighted to get back at the first attempt because not many clubs have done that in the past.

“It can be a bit like a treacle league, because once you get your feet in it too much then you tend to just stick in the league.

“So they were really pleased and couldn’t give Tony enough plaudits for what he had done.”

How important is Tony in all of this?

“The big thing when you have got Owners who are so far away from the club is this element of trust. This bridge-building between the club, the football side, the non-football side, me running the club from an operational perspective. It’s all done on a basis of trust.

“I think with the experience that Tony has got on the football side and I have on the non-football side, then I think this trust is starting to build and Tony has accelerated that through success and a wonderful season.

“They are putting their faith in me to handle all the various budgets and hopefully with the knowledge and experience I have got then we will be able to deliver that this season.”

Given Tony’s success last season in helping the club get back to the Championship, how much did that help when he was selling his vision for the football-side of the club going forwards?

“It’s a key component. If you are going there batting on a good wicket or a bad wicket, and he’s gone there with a strong wind of positivity behind him and they have seen what he’s done with the budget they gave him this year, it helps when you’re going there and saying ‘can we upgrade the squad, can we bring in more depth, more quality?’

“We have got a great recruitment department that we are pulling together. We have got key targets and they are looking at them and they know that they can trust him.

“The first window I did with Tony, they gave us an exceptional transfer budget. We didn’t use it all because we brought in the players that we needed.

“Some of the other targets were slightly overpriced, so we took a backwards step and I think that element of saying ‘it wasn’t right for us, just because you have given us the money it doesn’t mean we have to spend it’, you have to spend it wisely and wait for the next transfer window.

“So that all helps in bridge-building between the club and the Owners.”

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