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EuroFIT launches tonight at Ewood Park

12-week programme begins tonight at Rovers' home

6 March 2018

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Blackburn Rovers Community Trust’s positive impact in the local and wider community has been recognised by the EFL after winning the North West Checkatrade Community Club of the Year for the 2017/18 campaign.

The four main pillars behind the club’s official charity’s success is sports participation, community engagement, education and health.

For the remainder of the week, we are going to look in depth at those four important areas and showcase the work we undertake on a daily basis, starting with the latter, health.

Tonight at Ewood Park, the Trust is launching a brand new health programme, EuroFIT, which is geared towards football fans.

EuroFIT is exclusively open to men aged between 30 and 65. The sign up numbers for the 12 week programme have been very impressive, with 47 participants registered so far.

In all, Blackburn Rovers Community Trust run five full time health projects and initiatives which combined positive impact on thousands of lives in the local area and beyond.

One of those to benefit from participating in one of the Trust's health projects is Yemi, a middle-aged man who wanted to improve his health and well-being.

Yemi, who suffers from low iron in his blood, needed professional advice and help, and through Blackburn Rovers Community Trust and Blackburn with Darwen Council, he was able to make positive changes in his life.

“Blackburn Rovers Community Trust has had a positive impact on my life,” Yemi revealed. “I now know how to eat a more nutritious diet and why it is important to exercise on a regular basis.

“I have introduced fruit and vegetables into my diet and I am constantly checking what ingredients are in my food.

“I now have at least five pieces of fruit or veg a day and after each session I attended at Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, I went shopping so I knew exactly what foods I should be buying.

“My doctor told me that I had low iron in my blood so it was a priority of mine to find out how I could improve my iron levels.

“I feel so much better now because my health is improving, I am getting more iron and I know how to take care of myself.”

The primary aim of the new 12 week EuroFIT programme is to engage with men between the ages of 30-65 through their connection with Blackburn Rovers to make sustainable improvements in their diet, activity and physical fitness.

The sessions will be based at Ewood Park and the aim is to increase their physical activity levels, spend less time sitting down and the option to help aid weight loss if they wish.

To find out more information about EuroFIT, please email or call 01254 508256. Below are some more of our headline health statistics:

  • 1,900 Year 5 and Year 6 children participate on the Move and Learn project.
  • More than 250 participants have enrolled on our age 50 plus initiatives.
  • 300 children received valuable CPR life-saving training.
  • More than 1,100 people, with 50% of those BAME, take part in our Motivate programme, which is supported by Sport England.

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