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A-Z: Bradley Dack

The playmaker is next in the hotseat. This feature was used in the matchday programme against Sheffield Wednesday

4 December 2018

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Bradley Dack’s next in line to tackle A-Z as he discusses putting steak on feet, golf bandits, tight jeans and more!

A – AWAY -What is your favourite away ground that you've played at?

I played at White Hart Lane the season before it was knocked down in the League Cup for Gillingham. We lost 5-0 but the atmosphere was great and my dad’s a Spurs fan so it was nice for him as well.

B – BANTER – Who's got the best banter in the squad?

It’s definitely me, but we have a great group here. Charlie Mulgrew’s banter is brilliant, he’s really funny. Corry Evans is quite funny as well. I’d go with those two aside from myself!

C – CLUB – What football team do you support?

Manchester United. I loved David Beckham growing up, so that’s the reason why. I was a bit of a glory-hunter back in the day!

D – DINING – What would be your last three-course meal?

I’d have some breads with oil and some olives for starter. I’d have pie and mash for the main. Two pies, two mash and some liquor. No jellied eels. For dessert I’d have apple pie and custard. [Ed: Three pies in one sitting then?!] Yes!

E – EVENINGS – A quiet night in or a night out with the lads? Why?

I like a quiet night in with the missus, but you can’t go wrong with a boys night out. I’m already looking forward to our Christmas party!

F – FOREIGN – What's your favourite holiday destination and why?

I like Dubai. It’s nice and hot, the weather is guaranteed. There are nice places to eat, things to do and time to relax as well.

G – GAME – What's been your favourite football game you've ever played in?

There are two that stick out. Shrewsbury at home last season was a massive result for us. The game at Doncaster was a memorable one as well and it was fitting for the skipper to get the winner.

H – HOBBIES – What do you like to get up to away from football?

I like golf. I play off 12 but the boys are trying to cut me. There are a few bandits out there – Adam Armstrong is one of them. He is much better than what his handicap is and Joe Rothwell is another. He plays off 12 but he should probably be an eight. I also like seeing my friends and going out for meals in my free time.

I – IDOL – Who was your favourite footballer as a youngster and why?

I loved David Beckham but for me I learnt the most of Steven Gerrard. What a player he was.

J – JOBS – Have you had any other jobs aside from playing football?

No, but I did work experience and was a plumber for two weeks. My neighbour was a plumber so I went out with him. I ended up learning how to bleed radiators, so if anyone ever needs a radiator bleeding then give me a call! If I wasn’t a footballer I’d probably be a labourer. All my friends do timber framing, that sort of stuff, so I’d have probably joined them in the industry!

K – KID – What were you like as a young boy?

I was a bit of a rascal. I was cheeky and could get easily distracted. Trouble used to find me!

L – LOATH – What annoys you the most and why?

Traffic. I hate it, especially if I drive back home. The M6 is a killer, and those 50mph zones drive me mad. Ben Brereton’s haircut also annoys me. It’s terrible!

M – MUSIC – What sort of music are you into and what's your favourite ever tune?

I’m into everything. I like Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, but a bit of hip-hop as well. My favourite tune would probably be Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis.

N – NICKNAME – What's the best nickname you've come across in your footballing career?

When I was in the youth team at Gillingham we had a player who was absolutely terrible, but had good banter, which kind of let him off. He played centre half and just kicked the ball out of play every time he had it. We ended up calling him Shank. We have a few here - Craig Conway is called Bull.

O – OPTIMISM – What would you like to achieve in your career?

To play at the highest level I can. Looking further than that I’d love to play for my country as well at some point.

P – PETS – Do you have any pets?

I don’t have any pets. I had a dog that passed away not so long ago. His name was Baxter. He was a boxer and I loved him to bits but sadly he is no longer with us. I had chinchillas, which are a little bit like guinea pigs from Peru. I had fish as well. It was like a zoo in my house when I was younger.

Q – QUALITY – Who's the best player you've ever played with or against and why?

Probably Charlie Mulgrew. He’s had a great career, and he loves telling us about the time he beat Barcelona and Lionel Messi!

R – RAPID – Who's the quickest player you've played with or against?

There’s actually a big debate in the dressing room about who the quickest in the team is. I believe the quickest we have is Joe Rothwell. But it depends on distance. 30 metres would be Joe, I think over 60 metres it would be Ryan [Nyambe] or Dom [Samuel]. Over 100 metres I’d go with Belly [Amari’i Bell].

S – STRANGE – What's the strangest thing you've seen in your life?

Darragh Lenihan’s tight jeans! I’m telling you that him and Craig Conway have a battle every day regarding who comes in wearing the tightest jeans. I’ve seen lots of strange things, one of which was Charlie Mulgrew having an injury last season and sticking a fillet steak on his foot and playing through it.

T – TELEVISION – What do you like to watch on the TV and why?

I’m watching Luther at the minute which I think is very good.

U – UNKNOWN – Tell us something that people don't know about you.

People know everything about me, don’t they? Do people know that I went to a grammar school? I was clever, but just didn’t get the grades. I got nine GCSEs in the end.

V – VIDEO GAMES – Do you own a games console and if so how often do you play it?

I used to love video games but don’t play as much now. I still own a PS4 though and I taught Ben Brereton, Arma [Adam Armstrong] and Harrison Reed a lesson on Fifa 19 recently.

W – WORLD – Where would you most like to visit in your life?

I’d like to go to Australia at some point. I’d like to travel round Sydney.

X – XYLOPHONE – Can you play any musical instruments?

I don’t but I’d love to play the guitar. That’s something I’d like to learn to play in the future.

Y – YIKES – Do you have a fear of anything?

I’m terrified of spiders. When they are in the house I make the missus get them. I can’t stand snakes, rats, confined spaces, flying. I don’t mind flying on big jets, but when we fly private I get proper nervous because you can feel everything.

Z – ZODIAC – What's your star sign?

Capricorn. I believe in all that stuff as well and spent a lot of time reading up about it.

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