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A good balance of coaching styles

23 February 2017

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New boss Tony Mowbray is looking forward to working with fellow coaches David Lowe and David Dunn.

Mowbray was installed as the club's new head coach on Wednesday and alongside him will be former Head of Academy Coaching David Lowe, as well as former player David Dunn who moves up from the development squad.

Mowbray enjoyed working with the duo as he observed the first day of training, and believes they'll be able to work together to help the team progress.

"I'm going to have to lean on both David's, David Lowe and David Dunn," Mowbray told Rovers PlayerHD.

"I'll lean on them a little bit, I'll lean on the staff. I'll talk to some of the senior players, I'll get a feel of what they are thinking.

"It was good today, I enjoyed it. They are hugely different personalities and characters and I think the balance of it was quite good. I liked listening to their voices.

"In my early management career every day I took every training session because young managers want to do everything. They want to make the tea, they want to set out the cones, they want to size everything right. As a more experienced manager sometimes you let people coach and you stand back and observe and whisper in someone's ear and help the session and always watch.

"I didn't have any clue or idea at all today what coaching styles or who had the loud voice or who was the educator and motivator. I watched and listened and I have to say I was impressed with them both and their enthusiasm.

"As coaches you watch other coaches and you see things you haven't done before yourself. I talked to them for an hour or so earlier today and I can see in their eyes there are things that I like to do that they've not seen before. So we can help each other along the way.

"But, ultimately, it is all about the players and making sure that there is progress on the grass on a day-to-day basis, and that the sessions are beneficial and can educate the team to become a better team."

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