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Rover’s Fun Matchday Itinerary

Blackburn Rovers v Plymouth Argyle (Monday October 16th)

12pm- As the clock strikes noon the doors for Blues Bar opens, so if you can get away from work early, this is the place to be ahead of kick-off.

5pm - Strikers’ Lounge opens. Fun for all the family with pool, table football, consoles and board games for the youngsters, plus a bar for adults! Free entry via the Blackburn End reception.

5.30pm - The Foster’s FanZone opens. Don’t miss our mix of music, team news and Rovers chat on the stage, while the bar will be open for business too. It’s covered so you can enjoy the entertainment in all weathers.

6pm - Penalty shoot-out challenge starts. If it is not raining, find our inflatable goal in the corner of the Jack Walker Stand and Blackburn End and you could win prizes for your shooting accuracy.

6.15pm - I arrive! I’ll be outside the ground or taking a look at the Strikers’ Lounge and the Roverstore until around 7.15pm, when you can catch me inside the stadium.

6.30pm - Concourses open and the standout news for this evening’s game is the GAME Community Cup! Playing the popular FIFA 18 game, if you enter you have a chance to win a medal and prizes. To find out more, please pop on by to The GAME Room, situated within the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Stand. You can also have fun in my Kennel in the same area, which offers free fruit bags and face painting thanks to McDonald’s.

7pm - Read out the team sheets! If you think you’re going to be the next star football commentator, come and get some early experience by volunteering to read out the teams in the FanZone! It’s a first-come first-served offer for any under-16s.

7.35pm - Guard of honour. The lucky children from St. Leonard’s Primary School will be lining the touchline with their flags.

7.42pm - The teams emerge alongside the player escorts from Clitheroe Wolves! I want to hear you all raising the roof as the two sides enter the pitch!

7.45pm - Kick-off.

8.35pm - Half-time penalties. The selected pupils from St. Leonard’s Primary School will be back on the pitch to show us how well they can strike a dead ball. I may even join them …


For our puzzle this week, let’s test your League One knowledge once again. All the answers will be revealed in the Portsmouth programme on Saturday. Good luck!

  1. Last Saturday, a referee unfortunately collided with a player leaving him with concussion. Luckily the official is ok, but which game did this happen in?
  2. Which team had to walk 25 minutes from the train station to the opponent’s stadium last weekend?
  3. Steve Lovell is currently caretaker manager at one of our League One competitors. Name the club?
  4. Who is currently the division’s leading goalscorer?
  5. In what year did Rovers last play Plymouth in a competitive league fixture?


Blackburn Rovers v Gillingham - Saturday September 30th.

10am - Roverstore opens.
I love this place – it’s the only shop that I know of where you can buy a cuddly version of me!

11am - Blues Bar opens.
Food service starts from midday. Please grab a matchday membership to secure your entry. 

12pm - Strikers’ Lounge opens.
You may see me up here if you pop in – entry is free for all families and is accessible via the main reception in the Blackburn End.

12.30pm - The Foster’s FanZone opens.
The bar will be open for business and the stage will be broadcasting all the latest music and Rovers-related news.

1pm - I arrive!
I’ll be meeting and greeting as many of you as possible. As you can see opposite, I’ve got a page of photos to fill for the next programme! 

1.15pm - The Penalty Shoot-Out Challenge opens.
It’s in the corner where the Jack Walker Stand meets the Blackburn End. There are prizes to be won as you test the speed of your shot!

1.30pm - Turnstiles open.
Have you seen that we now have FIFA 18 on every console in The GAME Room? If you time it right, you may even get to play against me! Don’t miss the free fruit bags and face painting from McDonald’s in The GAME Room too.

1.50pm - Verity Kinnon on stage.
We’re delighted to have Verity back on stage, almost a year since she last performed here against Ipswich Town last October. Since then, she has made it to the X-Factor boot camp and performed at the Blackpool lights switch on, so we can’t wait to hear her new set for us this afternoon as she continues to raise her profile as a rising star. Search @veritykinnon on Twitter and Instagram for more about today’s star turn.

2.15pm - Read out the team sheets!
If you’re 16 or under, get to the FanZone stage for the chance to be today’s team announcer and take home a goodie bag for your efforts!

2.50pm - Guard of honour.
I hope that the children from Avondale Primary School in Darwen have been practising their technique on how to best wave a flag in front of thousands of people.

2.57pm - The teams emerge
Today our Rovers team is being led out by a group of lucky (and talented) children from this summer’s Football Camp, who won the chance to walk out hand-in-hand with our players as part of our Rovers Idol skills challenge.

3pm - Kick-off!
More of the same atmosphere as Tuesday night, please!

3.50pm - Half-time penalties:
If their arms aren’t too tired from all the flag waving before the game, it’s time for the children from Avondale Primary School to show us how good they are with their feet, as they take the challenge on the pitch.

28th July 2017

Meeting the little pups of Blackburn

Did you know that we run Baby Sensory sessions in Strikers' Lounge two days a week? It has been so successful on Thursdays that we've now had to expand the concept to Mondays too!

I went along this week to meet the first group of babies that are enjoying being brought along by mums, dads, grandparents, guardians and other family members, using creative play facilities to interract with other little people who are just learning to roll or crawl, as well as enjoying playing with lights, listening to music or joining in with group fun.

When I turned up, the reaction was lovely. Being the biggest dog in Blackburn, I was very pleased that rather than being scared of me (I only heard two little whimpers out of the dozens that were there!), most of the babies were intrigued by me, either stroking my soft and cuddly fur, or even giving me a big kiss as one of the lovely ladies did! 

It was really nice to see all the excitement and anticipation in the lounge as all of these newly born people start out on the adventures that their lives will bring.

I just hope that by having me turning up in my lovely Rovers colours that they'll all grow up to be big fans of blue and white halves! Fingers (or paws) crossed these little pups will grow up to share my love of Blackburn Rovers.

If you'd like to know more about Baby Sensory (and see a few photos of me with all the cute babies), take a look at their Facebook page.  

10th July 2017

The Big Event was bigger than me!

Rover the Dog at The Big EventI like to think that I'm the biggest attraction here at Ewood Park, but there was something that proved to be even bigger than me as we hosted The Big Event this morning!

I was handed a very colourful South African flag to wave in front of around 3,500 children, because the morning celebrated the connection between the Dioceses of Blackburn and Bloemfontein - we even had some visitors who had flown in all that way to help lead the fun.  

It was a faith led event, but it was open to children from all backgrounds, and I was so pleased to see them all getting on so well together, as all the visiting schools sat side by side. 

Even though the action was all happening just a short walkies from my kennel in the Blackburn End, I'm really pleased that St James' Church in Lower Darwen - who led a lot of the planning alongside the people here at Ewood Park - were kind enough to invite me. I even got chance to climb onto the special stage that they put up where the Blackburn End goal would normally be!

We held a very similar event early last season which was just as successful, so I'm really pleased to see that we're able to use our stadium on non-matchdays for nice events like this, which was aimed at teaching local school children about tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

We were so keen to explain that message that we even let a Burnley fan come on stage and play the role of a hero in a brilliant short play with the Bishop! I'll have to remember to invite Bertie Bee next time...