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Concourse Catering

OPENING TIMES MATCHDAY ONLY: Open one and a half hours before kick-off.

CLOSING TIMES: 15 minutes into the second half or sooner if necessary.

Meal Deals:

Products and Prices:

Fosters Pint  £3.90   John Smith's Pint £3.90
Fosters Half £2.00   John Smith's Half £2.00
Fosters 2 Pint £7.50   John Smith's 2 Pint £7.50
Fosters Bottle £3.00   Strongbow Dark Fruit Pint £4.20
Guinness Surger Can £4.00   Strongbow Dark Fruit Half £2.10
Bulmers Cider Bottle £3.00   Strongbow Dark Fruit 2 Pint £8.10
John Smith's Can £3.60   Heineken Bottle £3.90
Wines £3.90      
Soft drinks from £1.20   Hot drinks from £2.20
Pies £2.80   Sausage Roll £2.50
Hot Dog £3.50   Burgers from £3.30
Chips £2.00   Chocolate Bars 90p
Wine Gums £2.20   Chocolate Eclairs £2.50
Crisps 60p      

PLEASE NOTE: Our concourses are cash only, there is no card facility.