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Retained list

Posted: Fri 16 May 2014
Ewood Park

Ewood Park

Image by: Action Images

In accordance with Football League regulations, Rovers can confirm that decisions have now been made in respect of those players and/or scholars whose contracts/agreements with the club are to expire on 30th June 2014.

Players who have been made a new offer of re-engagement from 1st july 2014

•  Bradley Bauress (Scholar)
•  Kellen Daly
•  Devarn Green (Scholar)
•  Darragh Lenihan
•  Jack O’Connell
•  John O’Sullivan

Players who are not being retained by the club upon the expiration of their current agreement on 30th June 2014

•  Jordan Anderson (Scholar)
•  William Beesley
•  Thomas Brown (Scholar)
•  William Butterwick (Scholar)
•  Robbie Cotton
•  Ryan Edwards
•  Hugo Fernandez Molina
•  Callum Harris (Scholar)
•  Thomas Paul (Scholar)
•  Timothy Payne
•  Deniz Pero
•  Yeray Torres Martinez (Scholar)
•  Aaron Tumwa
•  Matthew Urwin
•  Ian Vicars (Scholar)
•  Brice Wassi (Scholar)

In addition the following players' contracts also expire on 30th June 2014 and as they are over the age of 24 they are entitled to talk / sign for any club of their choice:-

•  David Dunn
•  Markus Olsson

The club would like to thank those players departing for their efforts and wish them well in the future.