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Players impress at St George’s Park

Posted: Thu 29 Nov 2012
Thea Mallett

Thea Mallett

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England Women’s Under-17 national coach Lois Fidler has praised the efforts of the girls who attended a talent development camp at St George’s Park.

Rovers’ Centre of Excellence Under-17 defender Thea Mallett attended the training camp at the new National Football Centre from November 23rd-27th.

The four-day camp forms part of the players’ preparations for the UEFA Under-17 Finals, which will be held in England next November.

Thirty-three players represented Girls’ Centres of Excellences from across the country, with selection focussing on players on the periphery of the elite end of the talent pathway. 

It provided new players with an opportunity to showcase their potential and experience a new level of football.

Head coach Lois Fidler said: “The camp was invaluable to our preparations and the players have had a whirlwind four days of ‘what it takes’. 

“The aim was to find potential and we did. 2013 is set to be a memorable year for our next generation of aspiring senior internationals.”