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Seasonal Rate Card

Posted: Tue 25 Jun 2013
Ewood Park

Ewood Park

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EXECUTIVE BOX 6 guests with 1 course meal£9,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 8 guests with 1 course meal£10,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 10 guests with 1 course meal£11,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 6 guests with 2 course meal£12,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 8 guests with 2 course meal£13,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 10 guests with 2 course meal£14,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 6 guests with 3 course meal£15,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 8 guests with 3 course meal£16,000
EXECUTIVE BOX 10 guests with 3 course meal£17,000
PREMIER SUITE Inside viewing with 3 course meal£2,400
PREMIER SUITE Outside viewing with 3 course meal£2,300
JACK'S KITCHEN Inside viewing with 2 course meal£1,800
JACK'S KITCHEN Outside viewing with 2 course meal£1,700
LEGENDS LOUNGE Inside/Outside viewing with meal£700
*All prices plus VAT per person. Terms & Conditions apply.