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Golden seat winners

Posted: Mon 21 Jul 2014
Jack's Golden Seat

Jack's Golden Seat

The second batch of winners for Jack's Golden Seat have now been announced.

As part of our Golden Season Ticket promotion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club's Premiership title win, the 20th and final Golden Ticket will be a seat in the Directors Box, which will be occupied by 23 different supporters throughout the course of the season.   

The latest winners are:

David Blank
Ryan Croasdale
Bill Duerden
Chris Hartley
James McIntyre
Michael Oldham

The winners should contact Jennifer Whalley on 01254 296267 or via email to to select which game you wish to attend.

Not a winner this time? Fans can write in to nominate either themselves or someone else to sit in Jack’s Golden Seat for one of the 23 league games at Ewood Park.

The lucky winners will also be allowed to bring a friend or family member to sit alongside them.

To enter, simply email, specifying which game(s) you can/can’t attend.