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Scott Dann

Posted: Thu 08 Mar 2012
Scott Dann

Scott Dann

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Defender Dann is the next man in the Ewood E-Males hotseat...

Hi Scott, I think your performances of late have been impressive for Rovers and you look to be settling in. How have you found your first season at Rovers so far and do you find it frustrating as a defender and as a back five that the team hasn't yet kept a clean sheet this season? (Mark Whittle, Bamber Bridge)

It has been a bit frustrating, being down towards the bottom of the league and I've had a couple of niggling injuries. Well, I did my calf and then I got that unfortunate injury around December, so it's been a bit stop-start for me. I would have liked to have played more games, but I've enjoyed my first season so far and I'm still enjoying it.

Being a defender, you work hard to try and keep as many clean sheets as you can, so from that respect it hasn't been ideal. But you play as a team and at the end of the day, it comes down to results. At the moment, I don't think clean sheets matter as much as picking up points. If we're winning games 2-1 or 3-2 then we won't mind, but from a personal point of view, it would be nice to start keeping some clean sheets.

How have injuries affected your first season here at Rovers? (Daniel Scotford, Hartlepool)

They have affected me a little bit. Coming to a new club, you want to come straight in and play. Having not played for nine months, since picking up my injury at Birmingham last January to making my debut for Rovers against Fulham in September, it was a long time. During pre-season at Birmingham and knowing that I'd probably be moving on, I wasn't really playing as they didn't want me to get injured. I then came straight into the team here, having not played for a while, and after four or five games, I got a calf problem and that set me back a bit. After getting back fit, I felt that I was just getting back into it when I got that unfortunate injury against West Brom. So it's been a bit of a stop-start season for me and I would have liked to play more games. But that's the way things go and I'm now looking forward to playing this weekend.

How do you remain mentally strong whilst spending such a long spell on the sidelines like you did at Birmingham? (Eve Summersgill, Ewood)

I think that depends on the person you are. I'm quite a strong person mentally and as soon as I got the injury and found out the results and knew that I'd be out for a long time, I got my head round it straight away. As soon as I was able to return to training, I just worked extremely hard to make sure that I would come back fitter and stronger than before.

Is it true that you and Bradley Orr grew up together in the same area of Liverpool? (Derek Black, Chatburn)

He's from a different area of Liverpool to me, although not too far away. But we have known each other for a while through family members, so I knew Bradley before he came.

Much had been said of Grant Hanley's progress in the team - how highly do you rate his prospects for the future? (Patrick Stevens, Grasmere)

Grant's done really well since he came into the team. He's still only young, he's only 20, but he's shown that he's capable of going into the team and doing a good job. He just needs to keep working hard, keep learning and keep improving every day in training, but I'm glad for him because he's a good lad.

You know what it's like to play in a big Midlands derby against Aston Villa, but would you say that Saturday's game will be the biggest game you've played against them? (Alex Smith, Blackburn)

I think so. Obviously the position we're in and with our next run of fixtures, we really need to get that group of games off to a good start. Hopefully a win against Aston Villa will kick-start a good run of games that will push us up the table. The lads have been working hard in training all week to make sure that that happens.

How highly do you rate Alex McLeish as a coach? (Brian Charnley, Brownhill)

I think everyone knows he's a top manager. He's proved that by the things he's done in his career. He's obviously got a tough job at Aston Villa, having been brought in from Birmingham City, which isn't an easy task for any manager, but knowing the type of character he is, I'm sure he'll do well and win the fans over. Going by my time working with him, I know that he's a good manager.

Having not been able to play a part in Birmingham's run-in when they were relegated, how keen are you to do your bit to ensure that Rovers remain in the Premier League? (Kev Thompson, Wilpshire)

Obviously last year was a bit weird for me. We got to the Carling Cup final and won it and then ended up being relegated. I was injured for the last four months of the season and although I was part of the relegated squad, it didn't really feel that way. But having been through that, I really don't want to be part of it again. I will do my utmost to make sure that doesn't happen and let the other lads know just what it felt like, so that they can make sure it doesn't happen to them. Having been involved in something like that, you get to know what's needed from you in training and in games and I will pass that on to the other players who maybe haven't been involved in something like this before.

What has been the highlight of your career to date? (Bobby Guard, Blackburn)

Although I never played a part in the final, I think it has to be winning the Carling Cup last year. It was a great achievement for everyone at the club, even though we got relegated. I played in every round up to the final, so feel as though I more than played my part in that success.

What is your favourite item of sports memorabilia? (M. Taylor)

Probably my Carling Cup winner's medal.

Who is the best player you have played with and the best one you have played against? (Lee King, Bath)

Played with was probably Paul Merson, when he was player-manager at Walsall. He was maybe past his past, but I had the opportunity to play with him and although he was a bit older, you could still see the quality he had. He was a great player. Against, there's that many to choose from! I'd probably say Didier Drogba, because his all-round game is very good. He's big, strong, aggressive and very difficult to play against.

If you hadn't made it as a professional footballer, what do you think you would have been? (Susan Greenhalgh, Darwen)

To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue. The only thing I ever wanted to do was to become a footballer and I made sure that happened.